Dialog of the Inner City

36 x 36


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Dialogue of the Inner City
I can't be a parent
to the children of the streets!
I am calloused by violence
I am famished by greed

I am not meant to marry
a whore in a darkened doorway!
I strike the final match of love
against the wall of silence

I'm no sister, I'm no brother
to junkies and to winos!
My dreams flow through the gutters
beneath the bridge of triumph

My story can't be told
by old people in alleys!
My news is burnt for midnight heat
in the refuse bins of history

I am nothing like you beggars
I have my vested interests!
I am recognized by vacant eyes
by naked eyes I am stripped bare

I for one have memorized
steps to the dance of living!
I am tripping tripping
through shadow-lands of scorn