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It's never too late for LOVE! This page will be active until the Spring Equinox. We ship for free in the mainland US and you can also pick up at our Woodacre studios any time.


Click on the images below for more information on display and purchasing options.


Happiness 8"x8"

Love Hunter 6"x6"

Cosmic Purr Puss 6"x6"


Melting Snow 6"x6"

Innocence I 6"x6"

Surprise! 6"x6"


Sunset, Planet Earth 6"x6"

Sweet Reverie 6"x6"

Dizzy Lizzy II 6"x6"


Snake Charmers 6"x6"

Honey 6"x6"

Your Humble Serpent 6"x6"


Lovebirds 8"x8"

Loving Me, Loving You 8"x8"

City of Love 10"x10"


Amadiko and Khalila 8"x8"

Universal Kiss 8"x8"

Pastorale 12"x8"


In the Kingdom of Hearts 8"x12"


The Sky 8"x12"

Closing the Curtains 6"x12"


The Invitation 10"x10"


Saturnalian Sunset 12"x8"


Magic Hands 12"x12"


Passion 12"x12"


Show Me Yours 12"x12"


Wet Dream 12"x12"


Wisdom and Wonder 12"x12"


Ask for the Moon 12"x12"


Leo in Love (the Crown) 12"x12"


Universal Music 12"x12"


Moon Beings 24"x6"




Summer 16"x16"


Animal Nature 36"x30"


Creative Union 60"x12"